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Activating Freedom Through The Infinite Secret’s Pleasure & Abundance.


Supernaturalism unlocks your omnipotent power beyond natural forces to activate
your superhuman state.

It’s your guiding light to absolute freedom that allows you to simultaneously
become both time and space. It’s an energetic magnet you’ll either be attracted to
or repelled by.

It’s your pleasure and abundance energetic essence that produces your
extraordinary superhuman life.

Your superhuman life always begins by exceeding and disrupting the ordinary flow
of economics that we have been spoon fed to accept and be limited by. It allows
you to feel and experience more than being a cog in a wheel ever has.

Supernaturalism has predestined itself to be revealed right now which is why I was
sent back from the dead. It activates your spirits enjoyment that has been waiting to
be unlocked your whole life.

It’s your spirits core truth which is amoral beyond good and evil. It transforms
anxiety to enjoyment, fear to fascination, financial limitation to financial freedom,
disease and pain to wellness, aging to agelessness and death to your ascension into
the timelessness that it is. It’s what all first-generation oracles including Jesus,
Muhammad and Buddha mastered to become the superhumans that they became so
they could ascend into timelessness as they did.

Supernaturalism turns your spirit’s currency of pleasure and abundance on.
The fascination of being superhuman is your spirits enjoyment. It allows you to
move beyond simply doing life as you have always done. Your spirit’s primal
force of enjoyment produces a constant bliss, ecstasy and elation feeling that
ultimately produces the superhuman energetic body of pleasure and abundance.

Supernaturalism first unlocks your predestined supernatural financial freedom to
defeat the dark forces financial limitation power of chaos and fear that has
enslaved mankind. To be superhuman means you must become financially free
which helps defeat today’s predominate energy of chaos and fear so all of
humanity can have their energetic shackles removed.


Your spirits activation of enjoyment is a triple dynamic of supernatural
identification that is your financial freedom, wellness and agelessness. It
culminates with your ascension into timelessness to complete its circle of life.
Your wounded self-regard cannot exist when your spirit has come alive to activate
its omnipotence.

Omnipotence never gets stuck in doing, its bee of bliss, ecstasy and elation just is.
Being omnipotent overlaps into your physical body through your wellness and
agelessness transformation to complete your superhuman totality.

Becoming omnipotent has never been articulated because your spirits enjoyment
has never been revealed before. Omnipotent experience is your life-changing break
from how you were told things are. It’s your priceless emotional treasure.

Omnipotence knows what you need and what’s best for you before you do. Its your
supernatural eyes and active externalization of your spirits unconscious enjoyment
that produces your magical predestined supernatural superhuman experience.

You will no longer be generically limited because you are now the awareness of
the omnipotent that extinguishes the flame of self-destruction. Your elimination of
chaos and fear energy is The Omnipotent Win.

Supernaturalism is your spirits wet dream that gestates its energetic omnipotence
so you are no longer energetically impotent. Its why your spirit re-awakened.
Supernaturalism is predestined to happen at the exact moment you choose it to.

Supernaturalism is the bridge to omnipotence The Omnipotent is. It extinguishes
the destructiveness and decay humanity has endured for over 6000 years because
your spirits unconscious omnipotent resources of enjoyment have now been

Are you omnipotent? Of course you are. You just have to activate it by choosing to
do so.

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Enjoy the journey!


JC Gordon – Founder
The JC Gordon Supernatural Academy of Oracles


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