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Founder - The JC Gordon Infinite Secret Academy of Oracles.

Activating Freedom Through The Infinite Secret’s Pleasure & Abundance.

The Guarantees

Guarantee #1 - Free Trial

Take your first Infinite Secret Class for FREE from the comfort of Your Home.

Guarantee #2 - Try On Guarantee

After your Free Trial, if you don’t feel The Supernatural’s touch – get JC Gordon’s “Communication from Beyond” e-book for FREE. 

Guarantee #3 - The Supernatural 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you have not at least DOUBLED your Pleasure and Abundance Membership Fees after the first 12 months of your Supernatural Experience, they will be 100% refunded.

Guarantee #4 - Lifetime Supernatural Satisfaction Guarantee

If your Supernatural pleasure and abundance ever fails to meet your satisfaction your Pleasure & Abundance Membership Fees will be refunded.


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