JC Gordon

The Infinite Secret Oracle | Author | Speaker

Founder - The JC Gordon Infinite Secret Academy of Oracles.

Activating Freedom Through The Infinite Secret’s Pleasure & Abundance.

The Absolute Nature of Life

(So All is One and One is All)

(the macro waiting to be activated) (smallness that can be studied)
ACTION Being Doing

ENERGY Bliss Pain
Ecstasy Stress
Elation Control

WHERE Heart -No Ego Head-Ego

WHAT Pleasure & Abundance Chaos & Fear
(Energetic Freedom) (Energetic Slavery)
WHY Ascension-No Death Death

HOW The Supernatural The Micronatural
Financial Freedom Financial Limitation
Wellness Disease
Agelessness Aging

WHEN Upon Your Approval As You Deny
The absolute nature of humanity is the supernatural awareness of
supernaturalism used in the micronatural world.

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